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2019 Grant Information


UPDATE - 6/5/2019

Thank you for your patience, submissions and questions throughout this transitional process. 

Upon reviewing current submissions, we have noticed several applications still “pending” that have not been fully submitted.  

If you are not certain whether your application has been submitted, please check using this link to return to the grant portal:

If you were having issues returning to an application, this portal may help you find former versions of the grant as well.  

We are going to allow for some additional time for grants to be corrected and submitted, so please take this week to review that your grant was submitted if you are not certain.  We cannot see who is pending on my end, only those submitted.  

Due to this extension, we will be scheduling the interviews a couple of weeks from now.  Stay tuned for an updated email on those dates and times and again, thank you for your patience. 

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To Return to a Grant Previously Started and Saved


Please call the UWNEK office at 606/325-1810 and ask to speak to Jerri if you have any questions.

Important Changes in the Grant Process - 2019   April 1, 2019 Update

Our mission is to improve lives and build communities by championing education, health and financial stability. At UWNEK, we are aligning our grant process to our mission. We are also improving the process so that the end result will be of our funding is targeted to achieve the greatest lasting impact. Beginning this year, grant requests to UWNEK are divided into two categories: Gateway to Success grants (for larger projects) and Support Services grants (for smaller projects of typically $5,000 or less).  Formerly, these two grant categories were known as large and small grants.

Gateway to Success
Gateway to Success is focused on the three E’s of Empowerment, Education and Employment. Those who apply for a Gateway to Success grant must be sure their program addresses at least one of these three E’s. The three E’s were chosen because research shows that barriers to an individual’s success can be addressed through empowerment, education and employment. Applicants for Gateway to Success funding should be specific in how their program will address one or more of the three E’s.
Examples of how to address empowerment could be gearing the application toward case management, mentoring, counseling, social services or other means that empower the individual. If your application were to feature education, then demonstrate how your program provides learning or learning-readiness to the individual. With the last E of employment, applications should explain how their program readies, promotes or sustains the individual for the workforce, either by preparing the individual with skills or by addressing the basic needs which can impede employment.
All applications to Gateway to Success funding should demonstrate the following:
- A commitment to long-term outcomes
- A focus on one or more of the three E’s as explained above
- The capacity to report requested data/measurements at least bi-annually
- Services are being provided in the UWNEK service region of Boyd, Carter, Elliott, Greenup or Lawrence counties in Kentucky.
Support Services Grant
Smaller grant requests that do not fit the criteria of Gateway to Success grants will now be categorized as Support Services grants. These grants will typically be financially smaller, and are for projects that address temporary or short-term needs. While they do not have to specifically address one of the three E initiatives, requests for support service grants must still focus on community health, education or financial stability needs. Additionally, as with Gateway to Success grants, applicants are expected to provide no less than bi-annual reporting if funded and must provide services in the UWNEK service region.