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Tips for Writing a Successful Volunteer Opportunity

  • Use short succinct sentences. Successful listings have sentences that are short and to the point but are still descriptive. Deliver your message in as few words as possible. Get excited about your organization and the opportunity and relay that to the volunteer in the most expedient way.
  • Average about 100 words per listing. Individual paragraphs include no more the 3 sentences each. Successful listings relay all of the necessary information pertaining to the mission of their organization and the particular volunteer opportunity.
  • Provide an accurate task description and a clear description of the volunteer opportunity. Relay your opportunity in a positive way –n get the volunteer excited about working with you.
  • Use correct grammar and correct spelling.
  • Do not include your URL or company contact information in the posting. In order for us to be accurate about your referral rate the volunteer has to click the button to get more information.
  • Have someone else read through your opportunity before you post it. Make sure that you are clear and have said exactly what you need to convey in as few words as possible. Have fun with it! If you are excited about the opportunity, it will show in your writing.
  • Make the title work for you. Your title should stand out from other titles. Make it compelling, fun and informative. For example, Unlock the World – Teach a Child to Read has much more impact than Volunteers Needed to Teach Reading.
  • Keep it brief. To get a volunteer’s attention ask for help in as few words as possible. Let the volunteer know the exact job they perform without too much detail. Only include information that helps them understand how they are making a difference.
  • Describe how your organization makes an impact and gbe very clear about how your volunteers play a role. Let people know how your community appreciates what you do.
  • Look at your posting as it appears on the website. Does your title stand out in search results? Does it communicate clearly? Edit your post if necessary.