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Bank On Northeast Kentucky information can be found HERE!

The United Way of Northeast Kentucky realizes that for families and individuals to be financially stable they need to know how to manage their money. Bank On is a comprehensive program to serve the "unbanked" and "under-banked," those who live without access to mainstream financial institutions and are forced to rely on expensive check-cashing services.

Over the course of a working lifetime, a wage earners using alternative financial services will pay $40,000 in transaction fees related to cash checking, money orders, etc. that would otherwise be available for other purposes and long-term financial stability.

Retail investments are often heavily tied to credit card and checking account transactions within a geographic area, which will lead to new economic opportunities for individuals and the neighborhoods in which they reside.

Community-based organizations will have more success in serving their clients and fulfilling their missions, while leading to new business opportunities for mainstream financial institutions.