Funded Partners

MENTORING – supports individuals who have little or no support structure to help guide & support them through difficult times and decisions.

CASE MANAGEMENT – professionally trained individuals or volunteers who help hold accountable those who are struggling in decision making and follow-through.

VOLUNTEERS – trained individuals who help with keep struggling individuals on track to success.

PRENATAL AND INFANT – helps prepare for parenthood.

EARLY CHILDHOOD – supports parents and caregivers and gives guidance on preparing pre-school children for kindergarten.

CAREGIVER SUPPORT – supports grandparents & relatives raising children due to absent/incarcerated parents.

ADULT EDUCATION – supports those looking to receive their GED and move on to higher education.

EMPLOYMENT INITIATIVES - helps individual find jobs that will move them from dependency on programs to independence.

EMPLOYABILITY - career preparation, including soft skills development and other areas of growth needed to a achieve success in the workplace.

FINANCIAL EDUCATION AND HOUSING - provides the financial basis needed for individuals to maintain and sustain their success.